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get your spark back

In this 12 week group program, uncover the revitalized version of yourself, with reduced inflammation, smoother digestion, increased energy and clearer skin. 
Through mineral testing, you'll be given a customized road map to the new you.

The Journey

3. Get Your Analysis & Plan

Receive a recorded analysis  of your tests results and personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle plan.

4. Begin Your Personalized Protocol

You will begin working through your plan, with the support of monthly 1:1 calls with Nicola, to check progress and make any necessary changes.

1. Collect Your Sample

A small lock of hair is collected at home and shipped to the lab.

2. Begin Working Through The Lessons

You will have lifetime access to the V/R course with recorded lessons on detox, thyroid, adrenals, anemia, pregnancy, hormones, inflammation and metabolism.

6. Join The Group Conversation

In our group chat you can ask question, share wins and support each other through the journey.

7. Enjoy Your Renewed Vitality

After your initial 3 months, you'll have the opportunity to retest your minerals and continue fine tuning.  Your body will continue getting stronger and more resilient.

If you require additional support, you have access to additional 1:1 meetings with Nicola

1 payment of $1,075

3 payments of $375

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