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your 1:1 functional health reset

Image by Lucija Ros


This is my VIP program, where you receive the highest level of support. 

We'll work together as long as is needed to achieve your goals, with a minimum commitment of three months.

We'll meet twice per month

to assess your progress, reestablish goals, analyze symptom changes and adjust the plan.

In between meetings I'm available via chat to answer questions as they arise.

Weekly check-ins keep you accountable and motivated while giving me the information I need to continue mapping your course.

During our time together you've got my full attention.  Behind the scenes, I spend hours weekly researching your specific case to ensure that we're getting results.

The membership includes

access to, and discounts on, functional lab tests and professional supplements. 

You'll be given bio-individual supplement protocols and any other resources required relating to nutrition, sleep support, nervous system regulation, detoxification, personal care, environmental exposure and exercise.

Your results are my results, we're in this together.

The best candidate for this program is

someone who is ready and willing to commit to supplement protocols, cook their own food, attend bi-weekly meetings and make significant changes to their routines and mindset.

I can't wait to hear from you!

x Nicola

what's included?

bio-indivdiual protocols and compassionate coaching | $400 CAD/month

functional lab & genetic testing

Members have access to all functional labs and genetic analysis at a 20% discount.

Hair tissue, urine, stool, serum and saliva analysis are viewed through a functional lens, to give us insight into where the body is under functioning and why.

If you have lab results from previous practitioners, they will be used in your program mapping at no additional cost.

diet, supplement and lifestyle protocols

Protocols based on your functional lab results, symptom map and genetics mean that you can work smarter, not harder, and make the changes with the biggest reward.

Members have access to professional supplements at a 15% discount.

*some supplements may be exempt from the discount.

compassionate guidance, support + accountability

We dig deep into the mental and emotional aspects of lifestyle changes, and create a soft space for your to share, heal and grow.

Up to two 20-90 minute coaching sessions per month.

Unlimited text support.

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