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functional health assessment

one giant leap

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Bring all your previous lab results and a list of your symptoms and I'll get to work!

Through a functional lens, our focus is on disease reversal and health optimization, rather than diagnosis.

Data is compiled and correlations are drawn, to create a preliminary map of internal dysfunctions and root causes.

Thinking of upgrading to the 1:1 membership?  Your health assessment fee will go towards your first month of membership, when you upgrade within 60 days.

what's included?

history, symptom and lab analysis

A thorough history taking, documentation of symptoms and any previous lab findings are used to map your internal physiology and dysfunction.

1:1 meeting & written conclusion

Lets chat about it!

We'll go over findings and how I reached them.  You can ask any questions, and I'll follow up with a written report.

recommended next steps

Your report will include recommended next steps on your journey including initial diet, supplement and lifestyle tweaks and beneficial lab tests.

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