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refine + tranform

unapologetic optimization

In this 6 month program, your body will go through a complete transformation, both in function and esthetic.
Using the most advanced DUTCH and GIMAP lab testing we'll optimize your hormones and gut.  Your diet, fitness and self care routines will be taylored to your results.
This is your most advanced version yet.

2. Begin Working Through The Lessons

You will have lifetime access to the V/R course with recorded lessons on detox, thyroid, adrenals, anemia, pregnancy, hormones, inflammation and metabolism.

1. Collect Your Sample

A small lock of hair is collected at home and shipped to the lab.

3. Get Your Analysis & Plan

4. Begin Your Personalized Protocol

5. Attend Monthly 1:1 Meetings

6. Join The Group Conversation

7. Enjoy Your Renewed Vitality

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