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a la carte

one visit at a time

support as you need it

In these sessions we'll meet 1:1 to discuss goals, strategy and protocols.  Each visit includes a written plan and recommended next steps.  Testing is not included in these sessions, however it can be added at any time at additional cost. 

An Initial Visit or Functional Health Assessment is required before booking a follow-up.
If it's been over 1 year since your last visit or your goals have changed please book an Initial Visit.

Initial Visit

In this session we'll take a deep dive into your health history and symptoms and put together a preliminary root cause map. 


We'll discuss your concerns and goals and devise an initial plan of action.

I'll follow up after your session with notes and strategy outline, and anything else you may need for the next step in your health journey.

*if you have lab results from a previous practitioner that you would like included in your evaluation, please schedule a Functional Health Assessment instead.

Follow-up Visit

In this session we'll discuss your progress and symptom changes since your last visit, and adjust your diet, supplement and lifestyle plan as needed.

After your session I'll follow up with notes and any tools required for next steps.


This package includes an initial visit and two follow-up visits.

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